"It’s a pledge to stay put, a vow to last longer, but also a gentle martyrdom. Softly, bubble letters which fade like a favourite T shirt, spell out an impossible promise. It’s not just the board itself which is prey to the harshness of the elements around. The acid rain, and London’s particular heat – it makes the air temporarily obsidian like –  renders the delicate pests as prone to melt, or crystallize in a sudden night frost. 
In her practice, Chloe thinks through ideas about domestic places, in particular the permanence/ impermanence of  homes. “i’ll last longer I promise”, in its benevolently nihilistic voice, speaks up for the sentimental value of things kept under fugitive roofs. Chloe has translated the tiny silverfish from nocturnal and anonymous into main character status. They are enlarged and cast in soap, cartoonish and beastly. 
But they leech onto the text and make a mockery of its sincere promise to last, the promise can’t keep itself!"
- Liza-Rose Burton, Curator for the The London Arts Board.
I'll Last Longer I Promise, 2022. digitally printed text, crystal soap.
installed as part of The London Arts Board, curated by Liza-Rose Burton.