"A site specific work made for the Leamlara Art Trail, this installation of pleated and rust stained cotton mimics the texture and folds held in a steel shed structure belonging to a local farmer on the trails route, and plays on its corrugated form. The fabric printed with stains from tarnished steel, is gathered and pinch pleated along the top like a curtain. The rusted pleats are allowed to be captured by the wind, which further exaggerates the rhythm in the wavy steel sheets they resemble; illustrating this rigid material to actually be something quite malleable - and gentle. Set along the trail, the two fabric hangings are positioned drawn back and apart, framing the landscape looking out from Leamlara, and onto the vast landscape of Cork."
drawn back steel, 2019. rust print on cotton, timber frame.
site specific work made for Leamlara Art Trail.