photography by Sophie Giller.
Chloë is an artist and arts educator, mainly working with kids. Within her practice, she works with text, sculpture and printmaking. Chloë is currently a studio holder at Staffordshire Street.
a slack. a burst. a spill. 
Growing up in council flats and homes, I think about how impermanent the domestic setting can be. I think about all the failures presented and personified in my objects… how impermanent they are. Feelings of unease, being unsettled and unfulfilled. Sara Ahmed (Living A Feminist Life, 2017) spoke about understanding un-happiness “not as the failure to be happy… but a refusal, a claim, a protest, or even just some ordinary thing, a texture of life being lived.” 
In recording textures of life, of the everyday, of a peeling or of a drip - I re-stage domestic routines. Treated like drafts, I reproduce workaday images and objects through casting and printing; reworking the practices of feminised work, that of reproductive and emotional labour. I re-imagine domestic artefacts in soaps, turning them into characters that are metaphors for the mundane, the overlooked, and loss; pairing them with vulnerable slogans that speak up for the sentimental value of those things kept under fleeting roofs. Through subverting the surfaces of everyday life and using substances that will be diluted and washed away, these recorded moments are also paused in a dichotomy of the monotonous routine, and lacking the material ability to commit.