Chloë Louise Lawrence is an artist born and based in South East London, and is currently a studio holder at Staffordshire St.
Through text, printmaking and sculpture, Chloë reflects on growing up in council housing and the transient nature of those spaces. She works through the feelings of loss, longing, and nostalgia - weaving those themes through a Working Class narrative.
Vulnerable slogans that speak up for the sentimental value of time passed under rented roofs are paired with domestic artefacts re-imagined in materials that subvert their permanence; serving as metaphors for the mundane, grief, and overlooked aspects of everyday life. Drawing inspiration from Sara Ahmed's exploration of unhappiness as a textured aspect of life, Chloë reworks feminised labour practices, emphasising reproductive and emotional work. Through the constant repetition of imagery, the work functions as drafts, reproducing workaday images and objects while reflecting on the passage of time and collective histories. In Chloë’s practice, unhappiness is not merely a lack of joy, but a nuanced expression, echoing the refusal and protest against the normative and feminised standard of happiness.